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Next Steps:

There will be 3 ways you can receive updates in regards to the event:

  1. Via email: you will all be emailed out updates - these often end up in your junk folder though

  2. Download the app called 'sportity'. Open the app and put in the password Transnz

    1. All updates will go on here and if you have notifications turned on for the app, it will ping you when a new update has been added (approx once per month)​

  3. Go to the racers updates page on the website found on the menu tabs at the top

    1. It is password protected - password is Transnz​

Now you have no excuse to missing updates ;) 


A racers list will go into an online spreadsheet by mid September and you will be notified on the link once that is created. This is where I will be collecting info from you in regards to the event and you can see who else has signed up!

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