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  1. 75% Refundable if you choose to cancel your registration by Dec 1, 2022

  2. 60% Refundable if you choose to cancel your registration by Jan 1, 2023

  3. Non Refundable after Jan 1, 2023  

  4. Transfers are considered for a $100 admin fee from Jan 1 until Feb 28


  1. We Highly recommended you purchase trip cancellation with a travel insurance company to cover your entry if you get injured or sick and can no longer make it. If you injure yourself or are sick and have to pull out, then you can make a claim to get your entire entry fee back. Its only around $45 too! 

  2. 20% of you WILL cancel (this is track record from the past 8 years) - so don't think it won't happen to you! Here is a link to a domestic travel insurance company for NZ for those that live in NZ, we have nothing to do with this company, its purely a suggestions - but do your own research for companies in your own country!  - Search Trip Cancellation Insurance for the country you live in to find out your options

  3. If you choose not to find and purchase trip cancellation then you are agree to take on the risk of not getting your entry refunded or part of your entry refunded based on the date you drop out as per the cancellation policy above. Please do not ask for a refund or a transfer

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