• At this point it is extremely unlikely that NZ will have their borders open to the world by December, so we will only be allowing NZ and/or Australian participants to enter Trans NZ 2021 event

  • We are currently putting out feelers and questionnaires to find out if there is enough residence of NZ that are interested in racing to be able to continue with the event with a NZ only participant race

  • If there is not, and if the border hasn't opened to Australia in time, then the Feb 2021 event will be cancelled

  • We might potentially look at moving it to November of 2021


  • If there is enough interested from NZ residences to fill the event, we will go ahead as planned

  • If there isn't but the border to Australia opens by December 1st, then we will go ahead with the event including riders from Australia

** REGISTRATION OPENING date will depend on the responses from the sign ups in the links above and the Trans Tasman Bubble status. If you sign up above, you will be notified by email as soon as registration dates are set. Note: this year will not be lottery based but first in best dressed!