Below you will find all the details you need to know about being on the Dirtbag package. This page will continually get updated as we draw closer to the event

What you will see over the next 5 months on this page:



  • Find below details and ideas for accommodation and how each day will look

  • 1 to 2 weeks prior you will receive your full info guide on where to meet each day, address, maps, schedule etc.  This can't be sent out any earlier than this, as its blind racing and we can't 'leak' the courses and trails for each day ;)








All the riders will be arriving at Castle Hill Village (Village Green - Community Hall) at Craigeburn the afternoon of Saturday Feb 27th.  Registration will be there from 1pm. You can choose to come along sometime in the afternoon to register and have some beers as everyone arrives from Christchurch, or come register that night at the mandatory briefing.

There is a MANDATORY rider briefing at Castle Hill Village (exact location to be confirmed) at Approx 7.30pm 





Feb 27th and 28th we will be racing in the Craigieburn area.  The only option for accommodation in this area for you guys is to camp at the Craigieburn Campground, no showers and very basic set up or to book a house at Castle Hill where half our team will also be staying and is our venue hub. Use this site "Castle Hill Village Holiday Houses " to find the best option on rental houses.  


March 1st to 5th the event will be based out of Pinewood Lodge in Queenstown. So you can try and book a place there if they have anything left. But if you are in a camper van or tenting, then there is Top 10 campground down the road and the main Queenstown campground about 500m's away closer to the base of the Gondola.



DAY 1:

Dirtbag package doesn't include any shuttles or transport to the start of the race location each day, but we will aim to help you out on day 1 and 2. Park your vehicle or camper and meet at Castle Hill Village. We will shuttle you to the start from there and you will finish back at Castle Hill at the end of the day.  Todays course starts 15 mins up the road and finishes at Castle Hill Village.


DAY 2:


We will let you know closer to the time where to meet and where we will finish on this day. There are a bit more logistics involved but we will make sure you are started with getting to the start and back to your vehicle at the end of the ride! But similar to day before, just a 10-15min shuttle to the start. Then once done riding you will drive from Craigieburn to Queenstown. We base out of Queenstown for day 3-6 doing day trips.



DAY 3:


Coronet (15mins from Queenstown): Today you will work with others on the dirtbag package to do a vehicle retrieval at end of day.  It's a pretty easy retrieval but will take about 15mins.  Starting at Coronet Peak Lodge and finishing at the valley bottom. 


DAY 4: 


Day trip to Alexandra (1hr 15mins each way): We start up in the hills and finish in town and will be about a 20mins round trip to go grab your vehicle at the end of the day. So pair up and leave one vehicle in town at Montheith's pub

DAY 5:

Day trip to Cardrona Bike Park (1hr drive each way).  We start up at the bike park where the lifts are and finish down at the valley bottom, so you will need to work out retrieving your vehicle from the top at the end of the day. So pair up with others on the dirtbag package to leave one of your vehicles at the bottom and go up to the start together

DAY 6:

We finish and start at Pinewood Lodge - so this is an easy day!.